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Did you know that?
Only eight percent of goals set on New Year’s are actually achieved. That's a 92 percent failure rate, which is pretty disheartening when you think about it.
If you have set goals yet you have no way of knowing where you are with your goals and you feel it’s impossible to reach them. Then I would like to invite you to a FREE 4 Week “Discover Your Unlimited Potential” Mastermind Group.

What is a Mastermind Group?
A Mastermind Group can significantly help you in shaping your life, personality, and business.
It is a group of like-minded individuals that help each other solving problems and developing themselves together. The core values of a Mastermind Group is the synergy of energy, motivation, commitment as well as the willingness to learn and grow together.
Personally, the transformation I have received in my life came mainly from being part of Mastermind groups. When I began my journey of Personal Development, I struggled with confidence, communication and motivation, and there were some days where I would refuse to work on myself. However, every time I participated in a mastermind, I left the group feeling motivated, inspired and empowered to keep working on myself. Having experienced the transformation I received through masterminds; I promise you that you will also experience this transformation when you join our Mastermind Group. 

Reasons to join a Mastermind Group
☑️ You will come across ideas and solutions that you would not have found by yourself.
☑️ You will be able to learn from others skills and experiences and expand your own knowledge.
☑️ You will be much more committed to your goals as you openly share them with your peers.
☑️ You will have a small network of people who are always willing to help you.
☑️ Through daily interaction, your overall attitude can be influenced in a positive way.
What you will learn in the “Discover Your Unlimited Potential” Mastermind Group.
☑️ How to manage failures and painful experiences which will lead you to greater growth.
☑️ How to discover your unlimited potential which will enable you to achieve your dreams.
☑️ How to create the right environment for you that will guarantee you success. 
☑️ How to design your life by maximizing growth and developing growth strategies.
But, few years ago, I wasn’t like this – In fact I was like you, unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I felt overworked, unappreciated, underpaid and I was desperate to find something that gave me more meaning to life, because I knew that there was something more in this life than just be unhappy in life. 

And, although others appreciated me, saw me successful and doing well for myself, I didn’t feel that way. I was constantly looking for more and more – but I didn’t do anything different in life – I didn’t change, I didn’t move out of my comfort zone or even invest in myself. 

But in 2018, when I couldn’t bottle my pent-up feelings any more I decided that I changed – for my life to change. 

Let me tell you this – there’s a sense of fulfillment when you decide to take the reigns of your life in your hand – and I felt it then. Since then the opportunities in my life has 10X’d. I finally left my 9-5 and now working with over 1000’s of people in my community to build confidence, overcome self-doubt and adapt a growth mindset to achieve success through personal development programs in which we discover together how we can set concrete goals in our personal or professional life and how we can achieve them.

Why do I do this?

Simple! Because my mentors have done exactly the same thing over the last few years. They guided me and helped me to be clear about how I can turn any dream into reality, so now I choose to do the same for each person who wants to discover the clarity he needs to achieve any goal.
Who am I? And why should you care about me....
I’m Emmy, 
I am happy, 
and satisfied with 
my life and 
I want the 
same for you too.
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Do you want 2021 to be the best year of your life?
Seats are LIMITED - By application only!
By filling in the form above, you agree to be contacted by email or phone with useful or promotional information about Emmylou Seaman's online programs.
 Emmy is a very dedicated professional, who is always positive, composed and immensely inspiring.

The key aspect of the program was creating Action Plans, something which I never had the habit of creating before. As a Designer, I am aware of the importance of meticulously planning/sketching an idea from conception to execution. However, do we really give the same importance in ‘Designing Our Lives’? Emmy gave the right lessons in doing the latter through Action Plans, which built my confidence and tremendously improved the quality of life as a mentee.

-- Sanam Hussain